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Biriba, a tree used to make berimbau, springs from the entrance catwalk and gives name to this house designed by David Bastos on the sea of Sao José, a beautiful exclusive beach in Itacaré, in the south of Bahia. Floating on coconut palms and trees native to the Atlantic Forest, from where you can see a 180 degree view of the beach, the house has large sliding wooden and glass doors that take in all the exuberance of the external landscape. Inside, original pieces created by some of the most important Brazilian designers, such as Sérgio Rodrigues, Jean Gillon, Joaquim Tenreiro, Jorge Zalszupin, Fernando Jaeger, Guto Índio da Costa and Marcus Ferreira, decorate every room of the house. If you like design, paradisiacal beaches and preserved nature, come in and stay at ease. You will feel right at home.


LOCATION: Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil


ARCHITECTURE: David Bastos Architects

TEAM: David Bastos, Yuri Van Roger and Tiago Martins

AREA: 240 square meters


PARKING: 3 cars

GROUND FLOOR – Two integrated bungalows bring together the gourmet and living areas. A large balcony and an infinity pool complete the social area.

LOWER FLOOR – Four suites are surrounded by a large garden and a porch overlooking the sea.

AIR CONDITIONING: Air conditioning in all rooms.

SOUND: Bluetooth audio system by Harman Kardon.


Discovered by surfers and foreigners backpackers in the 70’s, Itacaré is now one of the most preserved places on the Brazilian coast. In a stretch of just 30 kilometers, south of the city, there are 18 beaches – mostly small bays with white sands, warm crystal waters, rocky walls and hills covered by Atlantic Forest. The story explains why. While most of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest was decimated, in Itacaré the forest was preserved thanks to the cultivation of cacao, the base of the local economy and typical fruit of the region. As cultivation requires large areas to shade the planting, Itacaré kept its forests standing. More recently, in 1993, the creation of an environmental protection area established strict rules of occupation, guaranteeing the preservation of paradisiacal rivers, forests and beaches.

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Street B, Villa do Coqueiral. Condominium Villas de São José. Itacaré. Bahia.